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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I stop a foreclosure last minute?
    Yes, at Keep Your Keys, we have helped homeowners stop foreclosure minutes before their auction time. We have a number of different strategies we can use, but time is critical. If you have an immediate need please call us at 714.418.5800 right away!
  • Can I get relief from my past due amount?
    Yes! In many cases we can negotiate with your lender to put the total amount past due onto the back of the loan. We can also arrange payment plans with your lender and or get you 5 years to payback the outstanding balance thru the courts.
  • Do I need to have good credit?
    Absolutely not. The high majority of Keep Your Keys customers have already encountered some sort of credit challenge. We havec helped thousands of homeowners get back into an A paper loan without appraisal costs and junk origination fees.
  • Where do appointments occur?
    Most appointments happen at our headquarters in Santa Ana, CA. However, we also have consultants that can visit you at your home or place of work. Schedules fill up fast, so contact us today to get started.
  • What is your success rate?
    Our 5 start reviews speak for themselves. Our goal is to get every homeowner the best outcome for thier situation. Since we never charge upfront, you have nothing to lose. We have a 100% success rate in educating homeowners on thier options.
  • Are there any upfront costs?
    No, Keep Your Keys never charges any money upfront for our program. We highly recommend homeowners stay away from any organization that charges upfront fees.
  • How long can I stay in my property?
    That's 100% up to you and the strategy you choose. We will layout all your options and educate you on every possible scenario. You may choose to stay in your property for decades or move in a few months. The only agenda we have at Keep Your Keys is to help you select the best option for you and your family.
  • Can I purchase my property back at auction?
    Yes! Contact Keep Your Keys today and we can help you with the entire process.
  • Do I have to move out of my house during foreclosure?
    No. Even through completion of the foreclosure process, ownership of your home is transferred from you to the highest bidder. This transfer of ownership is not complete until the closing following the foreclosure auction. Once this is over, you will become a tenant in the house you previously owned, and the new owner must follow the necessary legal procedures to evict you
  • What is the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13?
    Chapter 7 bankruptcy is intended for people who are unable to pay back most or all of their debts, but wish to keep as much of their property as they can. Chapter 13 bankruptcy enables consumers to pay off their debts through payment plans.
  • The place I rent is in foreclosure. Will I be able to stay?
    If you are a tenant and the property you rent goes into foreclosure, the new owner must honor the existing lease. However, when you have a month-to-month lease, or when the people occupying the property are the owners who are being foreclosed on, the new owner can evict the tenants or former owners. In these cases, the new owner may either (1) offer the existing tenants a new lease agreement or (2) begin eviction proceedings. If the new owner chooses to evict existing tenants, the new owner must give them at least 90 days’ notice before starting eviction proceedings. Tenants in some California cities may still have a right to stay in their buildings. Cities with eviction or rent control laws prohibit new owners from using foreclosure as a reason for evicting tenants. There are other rights that tenants have in eviction cases done after a foreclosure. If a tenant is not named in the complaint for the eviction, he or she may be able to challenge the eviction at any time during the case or even after the judgment for eviction is made.

We know the foreclosure process can be both confusing and extremely stressful.   However, we also know that an educated homeowner is much more likely to obtain a favorable outcome.  Below are some common questions from homeowners to help.  However, we always encourage a new cost, no obligation with one of our consultants to personalize things for your particular situation.  

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