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At Keep Your Keys, we believe in results.   Many companies charge homeowners upfront for services that are not provided and.or results that are not desirable.  With Keep Your Keys, you can leave your checkbook at home as there are never upfront fees for our negotiation services.    

Important Note:  Charging upfront for these services is illegal in the state of California.  Please visit our page here for additional information.

Reinstatement Plans

We understand the hardship of catching up on past due payments.   Let us get you back on track by negotiating a plan with your lender that allows you to pay your past due amount back over time.  We'll get you out of the foreclosure process and back on track with your payments. This option is great if you've endured a temporary hardship in the past, but are now able to afford your monthly payments.

Extended Terms

We have helped many homeowners extend the term of their mortgage to 40 years or more.  This is a great option to get payment relief on a monthly basis while still giving you control of your term.   You'll have the flexibility of being required to make a lower 40 year payment, but you can always choose to add more to principal to payoff the loan on the term you choose!

Sale Date Postponement

Sometimes the easiest path to stopping the sale of your home is to make a phone call to the right person.  Homeowners can leverage our decades of experience and contacts to stop the foreclosure process.   This is a great option if you need short term relief, while we put a more permanent solution is put into place.

Loan Modifications & Appeals

If you haven't spoke with a Keep Your Keys Consultant about a modification, you are missing the most powerful opportunity to resolve your situation.  Our staff has decades of experience and thousands of successful modifications.   We understand what lenders are looking for and will help you structure your application so that you don't get declined for incorrect paperwork, net present value, or debt to income ratios.    

Forbearance Agreements

Keep Your Keys can assist you in temporarily suspending your payments.  This will allow you to time to deal with short term financial issues and get back on your feet.  We have helped hundreds of homeowners get back on track with this option. 

Short Sales

Keep Your Keys can assist you in selling your home for less than what you owe.  There are many benefits to a short sale which homeowners can read about here. 

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