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If the borrower does not reinstate their account, or obtain some other form of loan workout (such as a loan modification) the lender can authorize and instruct the Trustee to record the Notice of Trustee Sale (NTS).  A Notice of Trustee Sale must be mailed by certified mail to the borrower, return receipt requested, 20 days before the foreclosure sale. The not contains the date, time, and place where the auction will take place.

This notice has to be published in a adjudicated newspaper in the city where the property is located. The Notice of Trustee sale is posted on the property as a requirement of law. If access to the property is restricted by means of a central guard gate then the notice must be posted on the guard gate. Additionally the Notice of Trustee Sales must be posted at on public place in the city where the property is to be sold at least 20 days prior to the sale. The borrower may reinstate the loan (bring it current) up to 5 days prior to the trustee sale.

Key Dates

20 Days Prior to Sale Date:  Public Notice of Sale.

14 Days Prior to Sale Date:  Notice of Sale must be submitted to recorder's office.

5 Days Prior to Sale Date:    Borrower's right to reinstate expires.

Keep Your Keys

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Additional Questions?

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